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I started my work experience at the NME today, so exciting! Everyone else has come from outside of London, so I feel very privileged all of a sudden. It’s weird to be in the vicinity of the people who write this publication which I admire so much. I recognise their faces! People are very nice, and the building’s situation is sublime. Today I was mostly trying to absorb the environment, but I have started on the transcription of a lengthy interview, joy of joys. I have also started to write an in-depth account of my experience but it is very long winded (I have not even finished today’s entry) so I think I’ll refrain from publishing it on here. 

The view from the balcony:


I dont even know


@ Jacobs Pavilion , Cleveland , 22.06.2014.


doodlin’ ezras


there are no words for this other than; jesus fuck shitting christ


L: Piet Mondrian | Composition With Red, Yellow and Blue (1935)

R: Yves Saint Laurent (1965)


it’s always margarita time with alex