Zoe. Home of the upcoming Arctic Monkeys fanzine. Check out the link or message me for more info about it.
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Anonymous asked: updates on the fanzine?

Oh god now I really feel like I’m letting people down! School started and I got busy and it’s taken ages for those finishing touches I last talked about. The plan is to get in contact with the printers this weekend. Then once I physically have them they’ll go on sale and I’ll return to this strange website to market my labour of love. Please don’t think it isn’t happening. It is it is it is.


Modern Vampires

Amy Winehouse photographed in London in 2004

2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

No signal and low battery


we all have a favorite eyebrow


the only thing in our new apartment so far



stop playing with your hands u teasy lil shit


Alex Turner and pianos….